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One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers,Release Date

One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers,Release Date

One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers,Release Date This is One Piece Chapter 967 Spoilers first, updates, discussion Mega release wire for the countdown Live scans English, official links, spoilers Raw, Leaks. One Piece release date of Chapter 967 is 6 January 2020. This last week (December), it will be delayed.

Feel free to discuss in the comments section below or have any questions, we catch our One Piece handle Discord or Twitter.

Many new things were revealed in One Piece Chapter 966. The two biggest teams traded blows, and at the end, Roger and Whitebeard clashed. Roger made a wish to leave Whitebeard Oden join his crew for 1 year, then accepted Oden. The Adventures of Kozuki Oden continue, but now with Roger Pirates. They went to heaven on the island and Oden have the marks on the Poneglyph. Now it will work with Roger decipher Poneglyphs and help achieve the final island. Flashback story continue.

What is the One Piece Chapter 967 date and time?

One Piece Chapter 967 will be released on January 6th 2020. We do not own One Piece. This is just a thread. The exact release time as this live countdown below to everyone there.

Next one other piece 968 chapters-
One Piece Chapter 968 will be released on January 13, 2020 and officially on January 10, 2020 spoilers and raw scans or translations of fans will come.

One Piece Chapter 967 The so speculation
These things will be interesting to see in the next chapter:

Roger with his crew and Oden could visit Zou
More retrospective history of Oden
More on Kozuki Oden trip at sea.
Kozuki skills Oden
Luffy, Zoro, Law appear in later chapters once the story ended Oden, Oden flashback story will continue until then.
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